Imported Bottled Beers and Ciders

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More than 65 imported bottled craft ales, pilsners, porters, stouts and ciders. With a few local favourites thrown in for good measure. Our list does change as we discover new brewers and flavours. Don't hesitate to let us know about something amazing - We are always looking for new and interesting beer.

Brewery Bottles in the fridges
Alhambra Especial, Reserva
Beavertown 8 Ball, Gamma Ray
Brewdog 5am Saint, Dead Pony Club, Punk IPA
Brooklyn Lager, East India Pale Ale
Chimay Red
Delerium Tremens Delerium Tremens
Duvel Duvel
Einstock Pale Ale, Toasted Porter
Goose Island IPA, Honkers, Urban Wheat 312
Innis & Gunn Original, Rum Finish
Kernel 4C, Galaxy, Citra, Amarillo, Export Porter, London Stout
Leffe Blonde
Meantime Chocolate Porter
Modelo Lager
Moritz Lager, Alcohol free
Pacifico Pacifico Clara
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
St Stefanus St Stefanus
Troubadour Troubadour
Zot Blonde
Aspall Draught
Henneys Dry
Rekorderlig Apple, Pear, Apple/Blackcurrant, Strawberry/Lime, Mixed Berry...
Westons Wyld Wood Apple & Pear, Perry, Vintage, Old Rosie
Hollows & Fentimans Alcoholic Ginger Beer