Legz @ The Charlotte Despard

Archway Rd, London, N19 3TX : 0207-272-7872 : bar@thecharlottedespard.co.uk

Hi, and welcome to Legz's page. - Legz came to us from North London Cats Protection, Archway.

He is 5 years old and lives in the pub. - He had a road accident recently and he lost a leg and had to have work on his mouth too. - Legz is a lot of fun, 3 legs doesn't slow him down and he pretty much rules the roost. Thanks to the @kentishtowncats for making us aware of proud LEGZ.


Massive thanks to Cats Protection, Purina and The Savoy Hotel. Legz is very proud of his award.

Oustanding Resue Cat

New Legz

LONDON LIVE 1st Aug 2014:

A three-legged cat from Archway has been named UK Cat of the Year in the National Cat Awards 2014. Legz lives at the Charlotte Despard pub. His owners say that he's brought the community together and inspired some pubgoers to get rescue cats of their own. Legz lost his leggie in a road accident but that doesn't stop him from hanging out with drinkers at the pub or indeed winning national cat awards. 


The Charlotte Despard pub owners Amber and Chris adopted three legged cat Legz, and now Legz is hoping to win rescue cat of the year after inspiring locals to adopt rescue cats of their own.

Published on 24 Jan 2014

Legolas is rapidly learning to be nimble on 3 legs. He can run up his ramp and walk around quite fast. He's VERY smart, a bit bossy as you can see in this clip and very sociable. He'd be a wonderful companion. In just a week he's clearly carried on getting more zippy after his amputation. He was badly hurt in a traffic accident, losing his back leg and having his jaw wired. But look at him now! He can jump up onto his stool and zip up his ramp. Here's his earlier clip ...  http://youtu.be/81WCl_vMWGs

Legs chillin'
Legz just posin'
Legz - Handsome
New Legz - Attacks the camera
here's Legz
3 Legz
Legz - at the bar
Leggy legz
...more soon
Big Cat - Little DJ

Legz is loving life in the pub. It's like he's always been here. His toys are everywhere. Some of his faves: Ping-Pong balls, hair bands, wool and bar napkins.

He bites everyone : We think it's his initiation for you.

Non-stop energy from about 9.30pm til we feed him at closing time.

He is the fastest thing in the pub by miles - and seems to love the vibration of bass - as he spends most of his evening... smiling along to Hip Hop, Soul & a bit of house.