Modla - design consultants in 3D printing

Modla designed and created the "flying bottle ducks" over the bar @ The Charlotte Despard

originally started talking with MODLA, about something unique and fun. We knew that they are digital design consultants in 3D printing, 3D design and digital 3D fabrication.

Essentially, "anything was possible".

Talking and working on sketches, Jon went to 3D HQ and turned those sketches into a 3d visualisation providing a realistic, visual representation you can zoom around.

A few days later.. bottle ducks were flying.

3D Design, 3D Printing & Manufacturing

(Modla) Led by Jon Fidler, a design engineer with over 10 years of experience across all 3D printing technologies, Modla offers services in two main areas:

1) 3D Design and Manufacturing

2) Consultancy

  • Consultancy services include expert guidance in how any of the above applications can be used to increase productivity and improve workflows within a business or industry.
3d printing

3D printing & digital 3D design is completely transforming the way we design, create & manufacture.

3D printing meets art. Infinite.

With the ability to cut lead times, costs and wastage of materials. - Contact: MODLA

Jon Fidler - Modla, London
Flying Beer Bottles